Today I’ve released a small new version of Marketers Delight that greatly improves the control you have over footnotes as well as a small upgrade to custom popups templates.

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Buttons are the gateway that links your customers to making that coveted sale on your website. Do your buttons scream for clicks, or just sit in the back waiting to be seen?

Not only does your web design set the tone for how your visitors interact with your website, but the buttons you use in your call-to-actions can make or break the sale.

We’ve all seen the big tacky “Add to Cart” buttons marketers use in their landing pages. These kind of buttons are easy to make fun of, but you can’t question their effectiveness at making the sale.

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There’s no doubting the significance of the written word, but in today’s world the power of the moving picture can no longer be ignored.

Build your own WordPress video library

Through the massive reach the web has in all of our lives it’s never been easier to find and publish videos about, well…anything!

Not only are authors rushing to create the next viral video, but there are thousands of people ready to share your work on social media.

Platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Periscope make it easy to find and publish videos (an otherwise technical process) with the added benefit of being connected to millions of people from around the world 1 1. To get a better idea of YouTube's massive reach, check out some of the numbers behind it. × .

Many people are making a name for themselves on video and are driving millions of views to these platforms daily.

…even my own quiet self started my own YouTube channel and have a lot of fun using videos to grow my business and better reach my customers.

But as I began publishing videos to YouTube, I realized there was a problem…

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The md_filter_has_sidebar filter allows you to bypass the MD sidebar controls and conditionally add/remove the sidebar on any page.

By loading the filter through template_redirect we can use a WordPress conditional tag to ensure the filter only fires on the page(s) we want it to.

When using the filter you only need to choose the conditions and return a value of true or false to add/remove the sidebar from the given page. This would usually be done by creating a function with either return value, but we can instead use the native WordPress return functions to save us some code:

  • __return_true()
  • __return_false()

This code snippet ADDS the sidebar to author pages and REMOVES the sidebar from a specific post category page. You can repeat this action as many times as you need.

Note: loading this filter without any kind of conditional tag will affect the behavior of your sidebar sitewide so be careful to only use this filter in the right context.

Today I’m happy to announce a new integration with Drip, a powerful email marketing tool. Connect your MD site to Drip to easily place email forms + popups around your site.

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Step 1: Get the Post Type ID

In this example, I’m using my favorite eCommerce plugin Easy Digital Downloads. From my admin panel, I go to the “Downloads” tab the plugin adds and once there, I look at the URL to find the ID.

Easy Digital Downloads

In this case my custom post type ID is download.

Step 2: Add Filter to child theme functions.php file

Now that I have my post type ID, I can simply plug it into the md_filter_sidebars_post_types filter in my child theme’s functions.php file like so:

You’ll notice the post type ID is set as an array and inside are 2 keys: archive and single. Based on whether your custom post type has an archive page (think of your blog posts homepage vs. Pages) you can choose whether or not you’ll need both select fields in the Sidebars manager.

In the case of EDD, the plugin creates a listing to show all of my downloads and creates single post entries, so I activated the filter to target both scenarios.

Step 3: Save Filter, Upload Child Theme, and Set Your Custom Sidebars

Once you add the filter to your child theme, save and upload it, you can begin adding sidebars to custom post types!

What did this filter accomplish? Go check out the Sidebars Manager:

Filter custom post type sidebars

As you can see, you can now control the sidebar on your custom post types right from the slick new MD Sidebars Manager.

We have a pretty straightforward update today in MD4.6.1, which cleans up some tiny bugs in different areas around your site and adds a new hook. A big thanks to our forum members for reporting bugs they find, which makes MD better for everyone.

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Want to see a really cool update? Check out the new Share buttons added in MD4.6 →

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Marketers Delight 4.5.4

Back in December I attended WordCamp U.S. in Philadelphia to surround myself with the top minds in all of WordPress.

It’s safe to say I wasn’t the smartest person in the room (how’s that saying go?), so MD4.5.4 reflects a lot of what I learned from the event. This update also brings integrations with page builder plugins, design options, and a slew of other bug fixes.

Read to update to MD4.5.4?

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Before updating, make sure your site uses the latest version of WordPress (4.7). You must have an active license key running to get MD updates!

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Bouncing Arrow Icon

There is no more direct way to lead readers down a page than by telling them to scroll down. That’s what makes arrow icons so effective, and with this quick snippet you’ll be able to make them standout even more with a bounce.

To create a bouncing animation we’ll be using CSS keyframes. Animations are one of the coolest things about CSS as they allow us to bypass JavaScript to create simple effects.

However, for full browser support (CSS animations are still relatively new), the code to produce them can get repetitive to account for different browser prefixes.

Thankfully once we’ve created the animation we can apply a single HTML class to any element to make it bounce.

I rarely work with animations so if you see a way to simplify the code below I’d greatly appreciate you letting me know in the comments!

Add the Animation Styles into your style.css file

Like I said, the code is long! If you’d like, you can minify this long CSS once you’re done tweaking it so it takes up less space in your stylesheet.

You can adjust the range of motion (how far up/down the bounce goes) in the keyframes (make sure to use the same values across different keyframes) and increase/decrease the time it takes for the animation to play out in the bounce class (3s = 3 seconds).

It will take you a few edits before you understand how the values work, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Once we have this CSS code saved to our site we can now make any element on our pages bounce with the .bounce class! Use wisely.

Make an Arrow Icon Bounce

You saw that bouncing arrow at the top of this post right? Here’s the HTML I pasted into the post editor to make it work (uses a default MD font icon). You can use this anywhere in WordPress that accepts HTML (widgets, menus, posts, custom templates, etc.):

<p class="bounce text-center"><i class="md-icon md-icon-angle-down large-title"></i></p>

I highlighted the .bounce class in the code above—again, that’s all it takes to make any element on your page bounce!