About Alex Mangini

Alex is the 23 year old behind Kolakube + Marketers Delight. Still figuring things out, building MD as I go.

The best way to grow Marketers Delight into a mature website platform is by throwing it into difficult, real-world situations.

Over the summer MD has quietly taken huge leaps forward in what it’s able to achieve, and has crystalized a vision for its next evolution with MD4.7 on the horizon.

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Ready to update to MD4.6.6?

Go to Appearance in your WordPress admin to get the new update.
Before you update, make sure your site is on the latest version of WordPress. You must have an active license key to get MD updates!

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As more servers upgrade to the new blazing fast PHP7 (the important code language that powers your websites), some parts within Marketers Delight needed to be reworked for full compatibility.

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By choosing WordPress as your website platform, you owe it to yourself to master a few basic skills. One of those skills is how to add custom CSS to your website.

How to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Site

Why master this skill? For as easy as WordPress makes it to customize your website’s design, there will come a time where you need to use CSS to make more precise changes.

Or, if you want to add new features to your site from the Code Snippets library, knowing exactly where to paste custom styles will greatly speed the process up.

This tutorial won’t teach you how to write CSS but will show you 3 different places to add custom styles. To learn more about writing CSS, do a Google search or browse the MD archives.

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Adding a table of contents to your blog posts and pages makes it easy for your readers to find the most relevant pieces of content on the page.

Take a look at just a few posts around this site and you can see a gorgeous table of contents in action. Thanks to the beauty of WordPress plugins, adding this great feature to your own site is easy.

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to add a beautiful table of contents to your pages as well as a few other enhancements to really make it match to your Marketers Delight website.

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Today I’ve released a small new version of Marketers Delight that greatly improves the control you have over footnotes as well as a small upgrade to custom popups templates.

Ready to update to MD4.6.5?

Go to Appearance in your WordPress admin to get the new update.
Before you update, make sure your site is on the latest version of WordPress. You must have an active license key to get MD updates!

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Now that the styles are in you can go ahead over to Appearance > Widgets and create a new Custom HTML Widget in your Main Sidebar (or any custom sidebar) and paste your box into the content.

To get an alternating left-right icon style apply the hover-box-icon-left class to the icon HTML in the boxes you want the icon to appear on the left:

<i class="hover-box-icon hover-box-icon-left md-icon-star"></i>

As for the icon itself, you can use any of the built-in MD font icons and simply change out the class, as highlighted in red above.

Add Font Awesome to Your Site

If you need a greater variety of font icons to choose from, consider adding the great Font Awesome library to your site. Once installed, you can simply swap out the MD icon class code (see above) with the ones Font Awesome provides you.

To install Font Awesome with some extra goodies, check out the Better Font Awesome plugin, or simply include the following tag in the Appearance > Marketers Delight > Settings > Header Scripts section:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css" />

After you look at the shortcode for a few seconds you should have a good understanding of what you need to do. Using the shortcode attributes of title, button_text, and button_link you can fill out the most important parts of the box.

In between the opening and closing tags of the shortcode you can freely type your own content just as you would any other post content. Use HTML tags and helper classes to style your content even further.

You can even leave the button fields blank and create your own button with HTML, that was just added in for your own convenience!

It’s also worth mentioning that you can also add the classes attribute to the shortcode to do even more with the box. For example, add these classes to any shortcode instance:

…and the width of the border box will responsively increase if you need more room inside your box.

Buttons are the gateway that links your customers to making that coveted sale on your website. Do your buttons scream for clicks, or just sit in the back waiting to be seen?

Not only does your web design set the tone for how your visitors interact with your website, but the buttons you use in your call-to-actions can make or break the sale.

We’ve all seen the big tacky “Add to Cart” buttons marketers use in their landing pages. These kind of buttons are easy to make fun of, but you can’t question their effectiveness at making the sale.

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There’s no doubting the significance of the written word, but in today’s world the power of the moving picture can no longer be ignored.

Build your own WordPress video library

Through the massive reach the web has in all of our lives it’s never been easier to find and publish videos about, well…anything!

Not only are authors rushing to create the next viral video, but there are thousands of people ready to share your work on social media.

Platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Periscope make it easy to find and publish videos (an otherwise technical process) with the added benefit of being connected to millions of people from around the world 1 1. To get a better idea of YouTube's massive reach, check out some of the numbers behind it. × .

Many people are making a name for themselves on video and are driving millions of views to these platforms daily.

…even my own quiet self started my own YouTube channel and have a lot of fun using videos to grow my business and better reach my customers.

But as I began publishing videos to YouTube, I realized there was a problem…

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