About Alex Mangini

Alex is the 23 year old behind Kolakube + Marketers Delight. Still figuring things out, building MD as I go.

Sure, you have the greatest idea in the world for your new blog and are ready to share your innovative thinking with everybody else — of course they’ll see you’re different than the rest.

Setting up a blog isn’t very difficult and you can go pickup any cheap, lousy theme to get started. And why not?

The design of your blog truly doesn’t matter much compared to what you’re actually writing about. After all, writing something real is why you’re here.


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ActiveCampaignI’m getting this update out to you a little late due to some changes I’ve made in my life over the past week (post coming on that soon), but today I’m happy to release to you the new and improved Marketers Delight 4.3.1.

MD4.3.1 is the 7th update I’ve released to you guys and I always feel a great sense of pride sending them out. Every update makes your experience building with Marketers Delight just a little bit better each time and the seamlessness of delivering one-click updates to your site keeps MD from getting in your way as it gets better.

Without further adieu, let’s dive into the newest version.

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When most people hear Marketers Delight they think about things like “high conversion rates” and “increases in traffic”.

While Marketers Delight has helped people improve these things, the core focus of MD is to create stunning outcomes with your WordPress blog a simple experience.

Included are useful elements like email signup forms, pricing tables, and layout controls that help you create more focused posts and pages.

If you’re trying to grow an email list alongside your blog or use your blog to sell your products and services, I built Marketers Delight for you.

But see, it’s not just about the flashy things you can make with MD—it’s all about the details. Let me show you around.

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I’ve decided to create a post series here on Kolakube to teach you how to customize Marketers Delight with a WordPress Child Theme.

The benefits of using a Child Theme to customize your site is that you have full access to all the templates and files that make up Marketers Delight under-the-hood. This means you can change anything on your website.

Now, I know many of you are going to cringe at the idea of working with templates and files because this means you’ll be working with code.

Truthfully, coding isn’t as big of a nightmare as many software companies market it to you as. From years of selling themes, I’ve learned how my customers like to customize their sites and built Marketers Delight in a way that is familiar to experienced developers and easy to pick up for beginners.

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It’s been 3 days since I let you guys in on the new Marketers Delight, and what a ride so far! Your feedback and encouragement has been great and has further proven to me that this is the MD we’ve all been waiting for.

This is why I’m so excited to release this update, as it is the first of many towards polishing MD into an even better product.

The updates in this release are nothing huge, I mostly cleaned up some bugs with the spacing of some of the layout elements, added in language translation files, as well as a fixed a few little code bugs under-the-hood.

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I appreciate you checking out Marketers Delight. Before we get started, you should know what MD is all about.

Marketers Delight is a WordPress theme. You can show off large post images and create beautiful typography-driven layouts. You can even enhance MD with email forms and create custom post layouts, amongst other things.

As a product, MD has gone through many iterations and has been used by thousands of people. The ideas and features have been battle-tested through time and made easier to use as its advanced.

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