Beast Optimization

Welcome to Beast Optimization, the mini-course designed to help save your website from slow loading times and unleash the true power of web performance.

In today’s world of mobile Internet and fast-paced jobs, it’s never been more important to have a fast-loading website.

Not only do people need quick access to information, they can go elsewhere if you can’t provide it fast enough (and we’re only talking a few seconds).

See, a website’s first impression isn’t made by how it looks, but by how it loads.

…a beautiful design packed full of heavy stock photos, videos, and scripts will leave a far worse impression than a lesser designed page that loads fast, or is at least perceived to load fast.

In the world of WordPress (the platform I focus on in Beast Optimization) it’s easy to piece together a highly functional website with a theme and small handful of plugins.

The problem with so many moving parts is it can be difficult getting them to work together efficiently without turning your website into a slow-loading disaster.

Does that mean we have to sacrifice beautiful design and high-functionality for performance?

Of course not!

By enrolling in Beast Optimization, you’ll learn about the 6 Pillars of Website Performance:

  1. The best web hosting (serious hosts bring serious results)
  2. Choosing a smart WordPress theme
  3. The “Silver-bullet” of cache plugins
  4. All you need to know about image optimization
  5. How a CDN delivers faster content
  6. Staying Smart (The Plugins Myth + Workflow Tips)

To help you understand each pillar, I shot a video and wrote a detailed tutorial to make everything as clear and actionable as possible.

Most important of all, I’ll show you vital workflow adjustments you can blend into your everyday blogging tasks that impact your pages performance (more than you may know).

Even if you already have a website you’ll still be able to speed it up with the methods covered in this course—and I won’t make you switch themes if you’re married to your existing one (in most cases).

All you need to do to access Beast Optimization is join my free newsletter and I’ll send you the private link to the full course at no charge to you:

Note: throughout the course I use affiliate links to promote products I use myself so I can earn a small commission for recommending them to you. This comes at no extra charge to you and helps me pay the bills around here. Thank you in advance!

How does Beast Optimization Work?

Beast Optimization is a free course containing 6 articles and videos based on the 6 pillars of website speed (as mentioned above).

To enroll, all you need to do is enter your email address into one of the email boxes on this page.

From there, check your inbox to confirm your subscription so my email system can send you the private link to Beast Optimization.

The only email I’ll send you about this course is the one that contains the private link granting you instant access. Quite frankly, I spent good time making sure this site loads fast so it only made sense to host the course here.

(Pro tip: Bookmark the private link as you may want to refer back to Beast Optimization later)

After that, you’ll stay subscribed to the general MD newsletter which I infrequently send out when I release new content and exciting new features of Marketers Delight.

You can then unsubscribe if you wish, though I ask you consider staying around for at least a few newsletter issues as the content I release all builds upon the principles laid out in Beast Optimization.

Who am I and why should you listen to my advice?

Alex Mangini

I want YOU to learn how to make faster websites!

My name is Alex Mangini and I’ve been making websites for 10+ years.

Throughout that time I’ve worked with clients from all over the world and have sold thousands of dollars worth of online products and websites.

One of the biggest concerns that comes up any time I build a website is performance, and how the site in question can be made to load fast and efficiently.

After being exposed to countless web hosts, caching plugins, and other optimization tricks throughout the years I’ve cut out the worst performers and found out what really makes WordPress load fast.

I could probably be considered an expert for the simple fact I’ve experienced so many different situations in the field of web performance, but look…

…this is all stuff anybody with just a little technical knowledge of WordPress can pull off. I’m here to give you an easy reference guide so you can save hours of time and skip all the frustrations I’ve encountered in the name of web performance.

On top of all that I condense my knowledge and experience into a premium WordPress theme called Marketers Delight which has a heavy focus on site performance and usability across all devices.

Try Beast Optimization out for yourself, and if the actionable advice inside doesn’t work for you then… you probably didn’t follow it right and should email me for help!

Good luck, and I’ll see you on the inside:

The devil is in the details.