This post series explore how you can use hooks, filters, template, and other useful strategics to build a custom website.

By choosing WordPress as your website platform, you owe it to yourself to master a few basic skills. One of those skills is how to add custom CSS to your website.

How to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Site

Why master this skill? For as easy as WordPress makes it to customize your website’s design, there will come a time where you need to use CSS to make more precise changes.

Or, if you want to add new features to your site from the Code Snippets library, knowing exactly where to paste custom styles will greatly speed the process up.

This tutorial won’t teach you how to write CSS but will show you 3 different places to add custom styles. To learn more about writing CSS, do a Google search or browse the MD archives.

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I’ve decided to create a post series here on Kolakube to teach you how to customize Marketers Delight with a WordPress Child Theme.

The benefits of using a Child Theme to customize your site is that you have full access to all the templates and files that make up Marketers Delight under-the-hood. This means you can change anything on your website.

Now, I know many of you are going to cringe at the idea of working with templates and files because this means you’ll be working with code.

Truthfully, coding isn’t as big of a nightmare as many software companies market it to you as. From years of selling themes, I’ve learned how my customers like to customize their sites and built Marketers Delight in a way that is familiar to experienced developers and easy to pick up for beginners.

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