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Your own Bookshelf, right on your site

Drop the Bookshelf into your site to start organizing your favorite books + reviews right from your WordPress site.

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Bookshelf Drop-in
The Bookshelf

Pre-designed Bookshelf Template

Create your own library with book covers and a hidden screen overlay that shows a quick review of each book on the click of the cover. Link to the book's website or your own written review.

Easily organize your books from the WordPress admin panel and drop it right into your MD child theme to install.

see a live demo at my personal blog:

See live demo →

The Bookshelf

Smart Book Listing

The Bookshelf was created so you can quickly add new books to your library. That's why your admin experience was tailored so you only have to enter the most important info about the book, and let the Bookshelf + MD do the rest.

For example, any post content you write will automatically be shown as the popup preview when you click a book on the Bookshelf. Leave the content blank, and the book will directly link to the "buy now" link you set (great for affiliate marketers).

The Bookshelf

Easily manage your books with custom-built admin controls

The Bookshelf custom post type makes organizing your library easy and keeps books separate from your blog posts (this keeps your admin panel organized too!).

Each new book acts like a blog post with custom built options to make plugging in information about your book a breeze—just point and click!

Upload a single book cover photo (for the bookshelf and popup), enter affiliate/book review links, and a quick star rating to complete your entry.

The Bookshelf

Embed any book in any post

With the handy [book] shortcode, you can quickly embed a book excerpt into any post. Use this shortcode to embed a beautiful call-to-action to buy the book at the end of your review, or mention it in any post.

The [book] shortcode pulls the book cover, title, and excerpt and displays it beautifully on a bookshelf. Use this shortcode in posts, pages, widgets, and anywhere else that accepts shortcodes.

You can even override the shortcode text to display custom text anywhere you embed a book by using the following attributes:

[book title="Custom title" desc="Custom description"]

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