Channel your YouTube Videos directly to your website

Video Gallery

An easy way to grow your YouTube audience with your website. Harness the power of MD to build more effective video landing pages.

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Video Gallery

Build and organize your video library right from your website

The MD Video Gallery adds a fully featured videos manager right into your site's WordPress admin panel. Add, edit, and customize video pages just like you publish posts from the post editor.

With simple controls you can easily cross-post your YouTube videos to your site. Simply enter the video ID and Marketers Delight takes care of the rest.

Want an even easier way to add YouTube videos to your site? See below…

Video Gallery

Quickly Import and Publish YouTube Videos to Your Site

Want to quickly add your best videos on YouTube to your site? The MD Video Gallery comes with a handy importer that publishes complete videos to your gallery in seconds. You just tell it which video to import and MD takes care of the rest.

The Video Importer is comprehensive and imports the most important information about your videos:

  • Video Title + Description
  • Date published
  • Views count (with auto-refresh)
  • Teaser thumbnail image
  • Video tags

…all that, and your videos are ready for immediate publishing.

Import YouTube Videos

Video Gallery

Organize Your Videos into Playlists and Tags

Just like categories, you can file your videos into different Playlists. Even take it a step further and add tags to organize your videos in a more global way.

Pro Tip: You can even feature any video to the top of your gallery page by tagging it with the featured tag from the WordPress editor.

Video Gallery

Show the latest videos count straight from YouTube, onto your site

The MD Video Gallery automatically shows the total views count of each video directly below it. This is an easy way to show the popularity of your videos and the count always stays in sync with your video on YouTube.

Video Gallery

Grow YouTube subscribers from your site with the Built-in Subscribe button

Not only can you create a more personalized video library on your site, but you can also grow your YouTube subscribers with the automatic Like button built-in to the MD Video Gallery.

The YouTube subscribe button automatically links your account and is added to the YouTube Bar at the top of your Videos page, and beneath each video.

Video Gallery

Personalize your pages with MD Layout options + other features

Since this Drop-in is integrated with Marketers Delight you can fully customize the design and layout of your videos pages.

Add convincing call-to-actions, create custom sidebars, add email forms to grow your list, and much more all from the WordPress post editor.

The Video Gallery Drop-in is now available for Marketers Delight 4.6.4+

Ready to bring your YouTube channel to your website?

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