MD Featured Image

Featured Image WordPressLet’s be honest, finding the right image for a blog post can be tough. Nothing can be as frustrating as finally picking the perfect image only to find that your current theme doesn’t format it properly because it’s not the “right” size.

After years of finding this out for myself as a blogger, I built the MD Featured Image controls to remove “right” from the equation and give you the simple options to position your Featured Image around your post in multiple ways.

Yes, one size fits all with these handy Featured Image controls. After you’ve uploaded your Featured Image to your post you can choose from a number of positions to place your image, including:

  1. Align to right with text wrap
  2. Align to left with text wrap
  3. Full-width above the post headline
  4. Full-width below the post headline
  5. Headline cover (background image behind headline)
  6. Header Cover (full-width photo stretched across your browser)