MD Main Menu

Download this plugin free from the Plugins directory
(free for a limited time)

The MD Main Menu is a powerful addon that makes adding a useful menu throughout your site easy. This big menu holds a lot of information and beautifully degrades across any device to be both useful and functional on any screen size.

With the MD Main Menu addon you can:

  • Build a dropdown menu with unlimited submenu levels
  • Add a short description beneath each menu item
  • Add a social media icon menu
  • Add an expanding search bar
  • Add an email signup form popup (with MD Popups)
  • Set custom menu on a per-page basis
  • Add/remove menu from individual pages

As of now, this addon is free for download on, but it won’t be for much longer!

1. Installing the Addon

Before installing this addon, make sure you have the latest version of Marketers Delight running on your website. Remember, Marketers Delight is both a theme and a plugin, so be sure to check both of these for updates.

You can check to see if you have the latest version by:

  1. Checking the theme: From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes and look for an update notification and click it.
  2. Checking the plugin: From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins and look for an update notification for the “Marketers Delight Plugin” and click it.

If your license keys are active and you don’t see an update notification, then you most likely have the latest versions of Marketers Delight.

Once you’ve verified you have the latest Marketers Delight, head on over to the Plugins > Add New page and search the WordPress Plugins Directory for “Marketers Delight Main Menu”.

Once you found it, click the “Install Now” button to complete the installation process.

Install Marketers Delight Main Menu

Upon activation of the plugin, you’ll notice the menu has been added to your blog and archive pages (author pages, search results, etc.) and only has the search feature in it. Let’s add some menu links in there.

2. Creating the Menu (And Other Tips)

In your Dashboard, head over to Appearance > Menus and go ahead and create a new menu. I’m not going to tell you how to create a menu as you’re most likely already familiar with it (if not, read this), but here are some tips for getting the most out of your Main Menu:

  • This menu supports unlimited dropdown navigation items, so go crazy
  • Once you’re done adding links make sure to set the menu to the “Main Menu” location (see screenshot)
  • Whatever you name your menu will show on your site on tablet and mobile view. This is true for the Social Media menu as well, so name it something that is related to the links in your menu to better help your readers navigate
  • To add a text description underneath the link title, click the “Screen options” tab at the very top of the Menus page and enable the Description field. Once activated, you’ll see a text box on menu items where you can write a short description. Be concise with your words!

3. Creating the Social Media Menu

Similar to the dropdown menu, setting up social media icon links is as easy as adding new menu items and assigning your menu to the Social Media menu location.

First, create a new menu and call it something like “Follow Me”. Then, choose “Custom Links” on the left side of the page and you can begin entering your social media profile URLs.

Social Media Links Marketers Delight main Menu

The only thing that’s required for the icons to show on the site is a proper URL to your social media profile. If an icon isn’t showing, it may not be included in the MD Icons set, so shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to add it.

4. Main Menu Display Settings

Add Main Menu Marketers DelightAs I mentioned above, the Main Menu will be added to your blog and archives pages by default but will not show on any posts or pages.

To individually add the Main Menu to any post or page, simply enable it from the Layout meta box in your Post Editor.

A new field will be added where you can just click “Add Main Menu” and save. You may also set a custom menu for the post or page, which can be very useful if you’re creating some kind of landing page and only want to link to different pages.

To enable the Main Menu on all posts and pages by default, just head over to Appearance > Customizer > Layout from your Dashboard and select the “Main Menu: Enable Sitewide” option.

Once this is enabled, the controls in your Layout meta box will change and you’ll be able to remove the Main Menu from any post or page by clicking “Remove Main Menu”. Talk about fine-tune control!