How Does a Marketers Delight Service Plan Work for You?

Alex Mangini

I’m Alex and I’ll be setting up your blog with you.

While I built Marketers Delight to be as user-friendly and as simple to setup as I could, I realize that setting up a web host, domain, and putting together a blog may be more technical and time-consuming than some want to get into.

That’s why I’m opening up my client services to build you a rock solid blog with Marketers Delight + WordPress.

Once I’m done fine-tuning the technical details, you can jump straight into writing your first blog post.

I’ve learned a lot from building and configuring successful businesses over the years and know that I can improve the way your blog performs with my product and skill-set.

Why Marketers Delight?

Marketers Delight for WordPress"

Marketers Delight is a product I have been building for years, and continue to build, that enables you to create a blog that gets results for your business and stays out of your way.

Every aspect of Marketers Delight is built around those core ideas.

These ideas have been battle-tested by thousands of customers.

These ideas are what allows you to easily add beautiful email signup forms throughout your blog.

These ideas are why Marketers Delight loads minimal resources to improve your blogs loading times.

These ideas are why I’ve spent countless hours adjusting typography, spacing, and navigation to ensure your writing is easily readable and found.

These ideas, and more, are why I want to help you get Marketers Delight running on your blog in the easiest manner possible.

Would you like to work together?

How it Works

Setting up Marketers Delight

Once you purchase a service plan you’ll be sent to a private page where I’ll ask you questions about your blog that will help me complete your order and better personalize MD to your audience.

I’ll be available through email to answer any questions and chat before and after purchase.

To learn more about each service plan, choose the one that interests you most:

see my portfolio of past design work →

About MD Starter Plus

Completion time: within 1-2 days

Marketers Delight Starter Plus

The MD Starter Plus plan is for those who do not wish to go through the technical details of setting up a WordPress blog. For a one-time fee I’ll connect your domain to your web host and install WordPress + MD.

I will also activate your license keys to ensure you always get the latest version of MD and add your email signup forms to the most visible spots on your blog:

  • Below your header
  • Top of your sidebar
  • After each blog post
  • The right side of your blogs footer

If you wish to participate in the Kolakube affiliate program and earn a cut of each sale of MD you refer from your site, I’ll also add your custom affiliate link to your blogs footer as well as a sidebar image (if you choose both).

About Limited Edition MD

Completion time: within 1 week

Marketers Delight Limited Edition

Limited Edition MD includes all the benefits of the MD Starter Plus plan plus extra personalization and further setup.

For a one-time fee I’ll change the color scheme to match your brand, add your logo and any other site branding as well as make other customizations to make your copy of MD further stand out from others.

Custom functionality is not included with this plan but I will install and setup some of the best free WordPress plugins available to help supercharge your blog even further:

  1. Yoast SEO (target keywords and improve search engine friendliness of your site)
  2. W3 Total Cache (if needed, this plugin can greatly improve site load times)
  3. WP Minify (condenses your source code + loaded files to improve page performance)
  4. Subscribe to Comments (allows readers to get email alerts when a comment they left on a post gets replied to)
  5. MD Popups a plugin that makes creating strategic popups easy

(I’m by no means an expert or am directly associated with most of these plugins. I use them here on Kolakube and I know firsthand they work well with MD). MD Popups was built exclusively for Marketers Delight.

Finally, I will also link your blog to your Google Analytics account so you can begin tracking your website visitors and see how your blog is performing.

Get Started With WordPress + MD

Ready to get your own WordPress blog setup with Marketers Delight? Pick a plan above. If you have any questions, let's talk over email.

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