Make anything pop with MD Popups

MD Popups is a complete popups builder that gives you the tools for strategically placing popup forms around your site… all without ever leaving WordPress!

Build your popups any way you want and get instant feedback with the live preview popups builder. Add your own text, images, and email forms and watch as your content adapts into a professionally designed popup.

…or, override all of that and create your own custom templates with a boost from the MD Style Guide.

The point is: MD Popups gives you the flexibility to shape a popup nearly any way you want to display it. Because of a popups value to your website—from conversion rates to site navigation—design freedom is as necessary as functionality.

Get surgical: capture readers as they’re leaving and convert on command

With the shortcode, you can make any text link, image, or even button trigger your custom designed popup anywhere on your site. Otherwise known as a 2-step optin, opening a popup voluntarily increases the perceived value of the content about to be shown.

Tie that together with Exit Intent popups to really get strategic. This popup will show only to readers who’s mouse has scrolled away from the browser window to leave your site.

Once the MD Popups script detects someone is leaving, your popup will trigger as a last chance for you to offer your cornerstone content and potentially convert a potential last-time visitor into a new subscriber or lead (so, make your offer good!).

Notice I said as they’re leaving and not as they arrive.

…but, if you wanted to, you could make the popup show 5 seconds after they arrive. It’s all in your taste.

Hand-pick the right popup for the job

MD Popups settings

Now take all that functionality onto each post, page, or category and you can set custom designed popups on a per page basis.

Even display different popups globally throughout different parts of your site.

Take the Marketers Delight sales page for example. (I’ll link you a little later…)

While you’re browsing the page, if for any reason you decide to leave, your mouse will trigger the Exit Intent popup to show and capture your attention.

…and the thing that ties it all together…

The important thing about MD Popups is that it’s integrated with Marketers Delight, a powerful Theme + Plugin that lay the foundation of your website’s design. You can read about the benefits here.

MD is for anyone with a message online and comes laced with tools like email form widgets, Page Leads, layout settings, and others. Even more, your site is yours to build upon with custom templates and flexible post formatting.

…so no, you won’t be asking “will these popups look good with my theme?”

To top it off, there are no monthly fees to keep MD Popups.

Included is 1 year of updates, like new features and bug fixes, that can be optionally renewed yearly with your very own license key. Renew or not, your website is all yours!

Now that you know MD Popups, are you ready to see the other killer tools Marketers Delight has in store for you? Go ahead and read more about MD, or go right ahead to purchase MD Popups now”