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What's Marketers Delight all about?

Step into Your New World of Powerful Marketing Tools Right From the WordPress Dashboard

A smart design grabs attention and adds authority to your words. MD is built on these principles.

I must admit, I am sure I will never use any other product.
— Michal Kochis, email

One of the things you love most about WordPress is also what can make it such a mess—and that's the amazing ability to extend the power of your website with plugins.

This unlimited freedom doesn't come without its frustrations and often leaves you wondering things like "will this plugin work with my theme?" and "why doesn't my expensive theme do what I want out-of-the-box?"

Your theme is a Game Changer for me. It's fast, has clean code, and all the power features.
— Durante Parks, email

If you're reading this right now you're most likely here because you know exactly what you want out of a website—as most people who use MD already know. And chances are… you pay a few monthly fees just to keep a list of plugins working on your site.

This theme is absolutely fantastic, it seems like you've understood what small business owners need and how we want to work.
— Cole Dano, email

Marketers Delight eliminates the need for most plugins. The single MD theme suite delivers the tools you've always wanted straight into your WordPress dashboard. Simply install the MD theme and you're ready to build the website of your dreams.

…No monthly fees, no 3rd party services, and you own your purchase forever

Built to stay out of your way, MD adds precise controls throughout your admin panel to give you calculated results. There's no new complex interfaces to learn or "dragging and dropping"—MD is a "point and click" kind of theme.

Responsive website by Marketers Delight

Oh… websites built with Marketers Delight tend to look great across all devices too.

What most theme companies want you to believe are weaknesses of WordPress so you buy their bloated products, MD recognizes the strengths that led to WordPress' dominance of the web and includes simple tools that don't reinvent the wheel.

MD has made me $2,250 in the last two months because it's so easy to set a new site up on it for friends. :-)
— Cameron Adair, twitter

For example, most of the customization power you have over page templates are right next to your post editor—no screens required. Set a featured image, add or remove layout elements, and even place call-to-actions to critical landing points on your pages.

To nail the finer details of your site, you can quickly get started with a custom Child Theme. Mixed with useful helper classes and backed with tutorials from a vibrant support community, getting the right look for your website isn't far away.

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MD Footnotes plugin for WordPress
Finally, the small detail perfected for professional writers…

The best way to manage footnotes

MD Footnotes allows you to manage footnotes right from the post editor. Display footnotes beautifully alongside your text and list at the end of your article for easy reference.

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You can use MD—license or not—on as many sites as you want. New features & improvements are delivered to active sites.

The Video Gallery drop-in is now ready for download!
Build a video library right from your site.

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