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Marketers Delight and Gutenberg

First Gutenberg experience

The first contact with Gutenberg in the MD Labs has gone well. I’ve started the experiments by harnessing MD’s email integrations to build a simple email form block which I am looking to include in the upcoming release of MD4.9.

As of now, MD4.8.6 has been released and has a minor tweak which will allow you to save your MD post meta in the Gutenberg editor. Go ahead and update—more coming on this front soon!


Marketers Delight 4.8.6 has been released, which is a big bug update release! It adds bare minimum support for the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0 (more enhancements coming soon) and greatly improves the MD Featured Image system, as well as a slew of other bug fixes.

Marketers Delight 4.8.6 New!

See what's new:
  • New:a You can now upload a secondary logo for use in alternate color schemes on your site.
  • New: Adds a direct link to the Site Design customizer options from the MD admin menu.
  • Adds the most basic support for new Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0 (more enhancements coming soon).

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Product impact

I had always been of the belief that growing MD would come from releasing new features and having the most put together platform. That is a goal that still burns wildly inside me, but as of late, I am understanding more and more how the most important growth comes from the relationships and the impact of my product/experience on those lives.

Wrapping up redesign

Getting extremely close to launching a pretty big client website on a custom Marketers Delight design. This site was using an extremely old version of MD, had a very cluttered database, and just a sluggish feel about it.

…yet it was still able to grow a huge email list, increase traffic over the years, and turn into a popular brand in its niche. Just another reminder that creating solid content and outworking your competition will always get you ahead in ways trivial design details won’t.

MD Pro Integrations

Pro Integrations Preview

Over the weekend I started the next phase of Marketers Delight. The next major release, MD4.9, will include the completely revamped MD Pro Integrations panel. MD already integrates with major email marketing platforms, but this new panel allows you to now make multiple connections, refresh site data, and even add other integrations like Typekit and Google Analytics. Really excited about this one.

MD4.9 initial changelog

Been making enough progress on the next major MD release to post the changelog. Follow along as MD4.9 rapidly develops!

Marketers Delight 4.9 New!

See what's new:
  • New: The new Pro Integrations panel makes connecting and managing 3rd party services/email providers easy from one interface
  • New: Refresh your email integrations with a simple "Refresh" button!
  • New: Connect to multiple email services at a single time with the Pro Integrations panel

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using the bookshelf!

Welp, after releasing something badass the only logical next move is to go add it to some sites! The only way I can really see MD for what it is is by using it like I’m not the one who writes the code for it. That keeps me humble, but also astounded to see my idea come to life in the real world.

Bookshelf Launch!

The Bookshelf is now officially released! Check out this blog post I wrote to see what it’s all about. I kept the descriptions simple and included a ton of images to help you quickly understand how to use this powerful new feature on your site.

NEW: Publish Your Favorite Books Reading List With The Bookshelf

The most important content you can deliver to your audience is the gift of knowledge, and there is no better vessel of knowledge than books. With the new Bookshelf in Marketers Delight, creating a gallery of your favorite reads has never been easier.